Art clubĀ 

Look at the amazing oil pastel pictures created by Y4 children in Art club. Many thanks to Mr Farlow for his excellent guidance and support.


Open Book Assembly – Gods amazing promise

Today in assembly, Year 6 helped tell the story of Abraham and Sarah from Genesis 17.  God promised Abraham and his wife Sarah that one day they would be parents even though they were old and had no children. They named him Isaac which means laughter.


Harvest boxes

Well done to every class for decorating and filling a harvest box.  Reverend Linda joined our assembly and she had the incredibly hard job of judging the boxes.  A special mention must go to Miss Walters, Miss Rees and Mrs Geran for their beautifully, decorated boxes.  After the assembly, all food was distributed to food banks in the Sutton Hill and Madeley area.  Thank you to everyone for you donations.